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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Elvis Fashion Style Showcased at Graceland

The year-long celebration of Elvis Presley’s 75th Birthday continues with the “Elvis Presley: Fashion King” exhibit at Graceland. The exhibit is the first of its kind at Elvis’ home in Memphis, and explores fashion trends ushered in by the King of Rock ‘n’ Roll.

“Elvis Presley: Fashion King” showcases everything from the king’s handmade shirts and casual suits to his flashy jewelry and shoes. Visitors will see the evolution of Elvis’ outfits, from an artist’s sketch to the final product, and how these custom creations were made.

The exhibit provides visitors with the feeling that they are peeking into Elvis’ personal closet. There are casual suits, top coats, hats, scarves, more than 50 shirts and many accessories, including a custom necklace featuring more than 220 diamonds and a 11.5-carat diamond solitaire ring.

“Elvis Presley: Fashion King” will be open through March of 2012. It is one of three new exhibits to open at Graceland in 2010. A special exhibit opened on Elvis’ 75th birthday on January 8, 2010, chronicling key portions of Elvis’ life before he became an international singing sensation. Also opening as part of the year-long birthday celebration is a special exhibit featuring Elvis’ iconic stage costumes from 1969-1977.

In addition to these new exhibits, visitors can tour the Graceland mansion and 14-acre property, where they can follow in Elvis’ footsteps as they enjoy an audio-guided tour featuring commentary and stories by Elvis and his daughter Lisa Marie.

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