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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Costuming 'Insanity' to Characterize Fantasy Fest Events

With more than 40 masquerade contests, themed parties, parades and other spectacles during its 10-day schedule, Key West's Fantasy Fest is to push the skills and imaginations of costume creators and mask makers to the limit. The 2010 masking and costuming celebration, themed Habitat for Insanity, is scheduled Friday October 22 through Sunday October 31.

The most elaborate costume competition, Pretenders in Paradise, features huge and vividly colored entries adorned with feathers, thousands of sequins, unexpected elements and even moving parts. As well as designing their costumes, entrants put on performances to entertain the standing-room-only audience.

Pretenders 2010, themed Predators and Prey Come Out to Play, is set for 9 pm Thursday, October 28, on an oceanfront stage at the Pier House Resort & Caribbean Spa, 1 Duval St. Cash prizes totaling $10,000 await the winning amateur, professional and group entries.

Fantasy Fest "insanity" is to take center stage at the 28th annual Headdress Ball, themed Diagnosis: Psychosis, an Assembly at the Asylum. Asylum inmates are to costume their craniums in exotic headdresses, towering masks, mysterious cowls and other "head-turning" haberdashery in this flamboyant festival favorite.

The glittering Headdress Ball is takes place on Tuesday October 26, at Southernmost on the Beach. Fantasy Fest also provides many other opportunities for attendees to indulge their taste for delicious or devilish garb. Costumed characters are to star in a vampires' ball, toga party, masquerade contest for pets and their people, sexy sports soiree, buccaneer bash, glamorous pajama party and much more.

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For more information about Fantasy Fest visit www.fantasyfest.net or visit the Keys at www.fla-keys.com.