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Monday, May 30, 2011

Top Events and Festivals in Canada

The festivals and events you are looking for are not just taking place in the USA.

This is why the brand new site of Top Events Canada showcases the wide selection of top events and festivals that are on offer in Canada.

The best events are not just in the USA. A short way across the border, travellers to the region will be happy to see that Canada has a huge offering of events and festivals covering every topic and interest and taking place in every Province of the country including:

• Alberta
• British Columbia
• Manitoba
• New Brunswick
• Newfoundland & Labrador
• Nova Scotia
• Ontario
• Prince Edward Island
• Quebec
• Saskatchewan

and even the northern territories of

• Northwest Territories
• Nunavut
• Yukon

Don't miss out on world class events and festivals just across the border.