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Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Hudson Valley’s Premiere Jazz Festival

The Hudson Valley Jazz Festival, a 4-day, 14-event festival from August 16 to 19 highlights some of Warwick and the Hudson Valley's diverse and deep resource of jazz artists. 

Now the singular jazz festival for the Hudson Valley region of New York State, the Hudson Valley Jazz Festival –  formerly the Warwick Valley Jazz Festival – is an umbrella event made possible by the participating venues. It features musicians often heard in NYC and international jazz clubs. Most shows are free.

This season marks the first self-produced performance with a final night at the Sugar Loaf Center of Performing Art, formerly the Lycian Theatre in Sugar Loaf NY, about 11 miles from Warwick.

The festival was founded in 2009 by drummer Steve Rubin, who after living in Village of Warwick for 4 years from NYC, was inspired by the depth and quality of local players to set up a local jazz festival.

The first, in 2010, was intended as a 2-day showcase for local talent and immediately became a four-day festival.  The shows are presented by the supporting venues , the Village of Warwick and sponsors. 

Moving forward the goal is to continue to highlight local talent and to engage "name" artists to develop this as a wide net including venues into the greater Hudson Valley creating the opportunity for additional musicians from the area to be showcased.

See www.hudsonvalleyjazzfest.org for the musicians taking part and for additional information and details.

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