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Tuesday, March 11, 2014

USA Events and Transatlantic Tourism Grow Together

When offering people services like event calendars there are two key questions to ask and the first is; who is looking for this information? A list such as the Top 20 Events in the USA will appeal to the majority but more success will come from specifics. The priority, when providing a reader with extensive coverage of the possibilities around them, should always be tailoring the information to the specific wants and needs of the key groups (writes Susie Walton).
Who is the reader?
What and who are the key demographics actively searching for such information?
Local everyday Americans are a key group whether they're looking for something happening in their town, city or even state but there's another group that's just as important: tourists.
Whilst normal Americans will search for the best events within their vicinity there is always the possibility that 'word-of-mouth' and personal recommendations will be valued higher than that of any particular service. This is an important difference between the two previously mentioned demographics.
Events and tourism go hand-in-hand as the search for enjoyment only increases once the stresses of ordinary everyday life are left at the airport or dock for days and weeks on end. However, the easier this search for entertainment is, the better and many packages are now geared towards answering every detail possible.
Tourism, be it Americans visiting another state or holiday-goers from another country, can be the lifeblood and an essential component of a community lucky enough to have them. This important group resulted in over 3 million visitors to America in 2013, according to the US Department of Commerce and their Travel and Tourism sector, and that was just from western Europe alone.
The lure of the United States of America continues to grow and with cruise ships and crossings now specifically designed to cater to tourists' every need the demand for quality information grows. Tourists no-longer want to step off a ship oblivious to their surroundings and unaware of the possibilities. People now want their potential choices and opportunities presented to them in a clear and concise way. Cruise companies and fleets are now organised to operate in both summer and winter and the need for the best information on what is happening all across the country, up and down the coasts, has increased as a direct response to this expanding market. Each arriving cruise ship is a potential goldmine for the expectant community as some ships can deliver up to 6000 passengers per day and with this demanding audience wanting entertainment all that is needed to guarantee success is increased organisation and awareness. 
With certain cruise ships now able to carry over 2500 passengers plus crew on each voyage there is no doubt that the industry is an important element within the transatlantic tourist environment. Some cruise companies now boast fleets as large as seven separate ships and as such the opportunity to benefit from it also exists.
What does the reader want?
Our second key question is; what do these demographics, tourists in particular, want?
When providing detailed information such as this the key is to tailor it to each specific group and although events are generally always open to both locals and foreign friends why not create something specific for the guest in town?
People now actively look for the most efficient service available and providing events information in a way that ends any potential worry will always be valued.
As tourists, and in particular cruises, are generally confined to certain areas of America one option would be to create lists like the following:
  • Top East-Coast Events
  • Top West-Coast Events
  • Top Mid-West Events
  • Top Southern Events
This approach may provide incoming tourists with just what they want to plan the perfect holiday whilst also ensuring regular Americans can enjoy even more content about their own country, state and community and any opportunity to help both demographics is one that should be taken.
Expansion Opportunities
The beauty of entering the world of the tourist market is that as the 21st century continues and technologies continue to push us towards globalization the opportunities will expand and potential tourists will always value somewhere providing the best credible information they need.
The ability to create information for tourists just stepping off a plane or cruise-ship would answer the growing demands of modern life where people are happy to have experts do their planning for them.
Each specific page or section could provide detailed information on events tailored to the unique needs and interests of incoming tourists whether they be from Europe or further afield.
Imagine the satisfaction and peace of mind a tourist would instantly have after stepping off their cruise-ship to the following potentials:
  • The Step-by-Step Guide to New York Events
  • The Events Walkthrough of Florida State
Whilst the national market within America is certainly large enough to cater to without looking elsewhere there were over 2.5 million Asian tourists visiting during the 2013 calendar year. Add to that figure the previously mentioned western Europe stat and the fact that every tourist wants to know where the best party, event or memorable occasion is going to be and you've got a large demographic seeking highly specific information.
The opportunities are there and with simple tweaks to ensure information has been correctly collected and edited for this market success is sure to follow.  
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