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Thursday, June 5, 2014

Mission Valley Hosts Jazz Festival “Crown Jewel”

Discerning jazz fans call the San Diego Jazz Fest "the crown jewel of classic jazz festivals". The event is held during the Thanksgiving weekend at the Town & Country Resort and Convention Center, in San Diego’s Mission Valley. 

The SD Jazz Fest is a favorite of festival-goers from around the globe. All venues are conveniently located in the Town & Country Convention Center. There are large concert rooms with double dance floors and small, intimate "listening" rooms.  All are non-smoking. The Festival bands and individual guest artists represent a wide variety of traditional jazz, Dixieland, Ragtime, Swing, and Rockabilly styles.  

The 35th Annual San Diego Jazz Fest will be held November 26-30, 2014.  Wednesday evening will feature two bands, 7 - 11pm. Two rooms with large dance floors and seven bands are on tap for Thursday evening 6 – 11pm.  For Friday (10am – midnight), Saturday (9am – midnight) and Sunday (8:15am – 6pm), all bands will be performing throughout the weekend … totaling over 175 one-hour performances.   

A special Swing Dance Extravaganza is scheduled for Friday and Saturday nights, 7pm to midnight with local San Diego and nationally known bands.  Features include a “Battle of the Bands”, dance performances, and continuous music.  

The festival offers something for every taste in classic jazz.  Ticket prices, band lineup, performance schedules and other information can be found at www.SDjazzfest.org

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