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Monday, August 8, 2011

Scottish Irish Festival in Hamilton, Montana

Experience the pride and history of your ancestors from across the pond in the Bitterroot Valley of Montana where the Bitterroot Scottish Irish Festival is a weekend of family fun, history and competitions from August 26 to 28.

Located on the grounds of the historic Daly Mansion outside of Hamilton, Montana, the festival brings together people, families, vendors, athletes and musicians in a beautiful park-like setting for two and half days of celebration of all things Scottish and Irish. 
From the Ceilidh (Kay-lee) a meet and greet, sing and dance celebration that opens the festival on Friday evening to the Kirkin' o' the Tartan' non denominational services on Sunday morning, everyone will come away with hope they have Scottish or Irish blood somewhere. 
Listen in awe to the Mass Pipe Bands as they parade at the Grand Opening ceremonies noon on Saturday, followed by representatives of over 25 Clans. Encourage the athletes in their endeavors to throw cabers and stones to the heights of the best ability. 
Find your long lost heritage by visiting the Clan history tents. Watch the energy and agility of the Scottish Highland and Irish dancers. Taste traditional foods and some more well known. Stroll the grounds to visit the many talented craftsman and vendors for more avenues to connect with your heritage. 
Sample locally made wines, beers and cider. Listen to the many bands that have travelled to entertain you. The Main Stage will be filled all day long. Saturday evening, join for an after festival concert featuring Potcheen, the ultimate party pirate Irish band. Come away with a feeling of enjoyment fulfilled, curiousity peaked and excitement that you have found something special that will never leave your heart.
For more information on the Bitterroot Scottish Irish Festival visit www.bitterrootscottishirishfestival.org/
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