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Monday, September 21, 2009


For those of you planning to enjoy some of the top events in Arizona in the coming year, Explore Arizona Tours has come up with a handy list of 5 tips for successful travel in the state of Arizona. The suggest:

1. Know safety guidelines for driving in dust storms: Dust storms can drastically decrease visibility in a very short time. If you see a dust storm on the road, avoid it if possible. If you must enter into a dust storm drive with your headlights on at a decreased speed. If you have to pull off the road in a dust storm pull as far to the right as possible, turn your vehicle/lights off, put your parking brake on and avoid putting your foot on the brake pedal to avoid having other drivers think you are a car on the road and attempt to “follow” you.
2. Heavy rain is frequent during monsoon season. Slow down while driving in the rain. If your vision is impeded pull to the side of the road (as in a dust storm, pull far to the right, turn off car and headlights, pull your parking brake and don’t put your foot on the brakes).
3. Take notice of road signs. In particular Arizona visitors should not ignore “Do not cross when flooded” road signs. Take them seriously.
4. Arizona visitors should also beware of driving through water covered roadways. There are many each year who think they can make it and end up on the local news. (And they’re often the locals…these things are very hard to judge). The best bet is to just find another way around or plan your excursion for another day.
5. Be aware of 511: This is a Traveler Information service offered by the Arizona Department of Transportation. It will provide vital information about road closures, construction, delays, airports, tourism, weather and more. If you have a question while traveling…try 511. If they don’t know, they’ll just say so! (The website for 511 is www.az511.com).

Tyson Bailey of Explore Arizona Tours comments, “Arizona is one of the friendliest states in the nation. We have appropriate travel weather year round, which is good for our business of selling Arizona tours. There are only a few difficulties that could occur so that makes them easy to avoid. The majority of our customers find that they are comfortable making their way around in Arizona; especially if they’ve prepped themselves with a little bit of appropriate information first. Whether they are going on a tour to the Grand Canyon or driving to Sedona themselves, we want people to feel safe while they are in our state”

For information on the top events in Arizona, visit http://www.topeventsusa.com/state-events-arizona.html and to find out more about Explore Arizona Tours take a look at www.explorearizonatours.com