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Sunday, September 27, 2009


All over the world, Oktoberfest events and festivals are getting ready for one of the best loved celebrations of beer, music and hearty good fun. And the states are no exception.

Voted by USA Today and Orbitz.com as one of the top places to toast Oktoberfest, the three-day event in Fremont, Washington has an activity for kids and adults of all ages!

Part of that fun, and in it’s second year, the Fremont Oktoberfest does a search for the most Bavarian spirited girl (or boy) through the Miss Buxom Contest. The Fremont twist on the traditional pageantry came after seeing an increase in themed costumes and Oktoberfest spirit demonstrated over the years. “More and more people were coming to Oktoberfest in some kind of costume. We have had young guys come in drinking team sweat suits and burly men come dressed in Buxom Beer Girl outfits,” says Megenhardt. The Miss Buxom Contest will be held opening night at 7pm. You don’t need to be female to enter, but must be wearing “traditional German attire with a Fremont twist.” Each Miss Buxom contestant answers a light-hearted question, then the winner is chosen by audience applause. “Last year’s contestants took the pageantry to the next level with hilarity and creativity,” says Megenhardt. “We’re looking forward to what creativity lies ahead in this year’s zany pageantry.”

Other favorites coming back for a second year encore include a Cigar Lounge, an all out laugh fest at the Brew HA-HA Comedy Show and cabana tent rentals that seat about 10 and can be rented as a private beer seating area. “ But,” cautions Megenhardt, “don’t be too dazzled by all the Fremont flair and forget that this is one of the best beer-tasting opportunities in the country. With event staples including sizzling bratwurst, chainsaw pumpkin carving, and knock-out music being served up year after year - Oktoberfest is finding a happy medium between tradition and growth. ”

Some of the more than 70 micro brews on tap this year are being created exclusively for the festival, while others will be sampled by the public for the first time. Keep your eye out for the first, icy cold barrels of Crispins’ Original Cider making it’s Northwest festival premier at Fremont Oktoberfest.

Lazy Boy Brewing Company and The Stranger Newspaper brings one of the most sought after sips – The Stranger Big Double Trouble IPA – and Lazy Boy can’t make enough of it. Every year those “troubled” taps run dry. “We make Big Double Trouble once a year for Oktoberfest,” says Shawn Loring, Lazy Boy’s brew master. “We brought 20 kegs last year which finally lasted us until early Sunday.” Explaining its popularity he says, “Big Double Trouble is an imperial IPA which means it has a higher alcohol content than most beers. It’s flavor packed with tons of hops, and tons of malt flavor. People pretty much love this stuff.”

Admission to the Stranger Microbrew Garden is $25 at the gate, which includes a souvenir mug and 6 beer-tasting tokens. Save $10 with advance tickets August 15-September 1st - $5 with advance tickets on sale September 1st - September 17th. Detailed ticket information at: www.fremontoktoberfest.com.

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